Therapy Sessions

United Kingdom


Therapy Sessions began as a flagship event started by Dylan (Freak Recordings) & Robyn Chaos (Anger Management) at Herbal in London's East End in 2003, showcasing the darker, harder, gut wrenching spectrum of Drum & Bass. Over a decade later and Therapy has grown to include regular events in the UK, as well as Austria, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary. New members of the "Therapy Family" are brought into the coven on a regular basis from as far as Siberia to South America! With a reputation as some of the most popular and crazy events held in each city/country, We entertain an eclectic and friendly crowd, still the IV pumping the veins of the craziest Freak and Freakettes all across the globe full with the dirtiest, freshest and most experimental drum and bass the scene has to offer, in an atmosphere unlike any other! Without a doubt, Demented Beats for Disturbed Minds..

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