Joe Monteith AKA Terranaut first developed his interest in music production in 2002, after composing his first film score. In 2006, he discovered the delights of producing electronic beats. After hearing some massive tracks from producers such as, Pendulum, Sub Focus and Danny Byrd, he was inspired to delve deeper into the world of Drum and Bass. Since then, he has been focusing on developing his electronic music production, and is now drawing from his classical background to develop his signature sound. 2010 saw Terranaut win his first remix competition, run by electro group Fixd, and release his debut single on Mindstorm Records. 2011 will see further releases from Terranaut on labels such as DLA Black and Distortion Records, as well as new collaborative projects and remixes. He intends to build on this with bigger and more epic productions. Exclusive to Dangerous New Age Recordings / Live & Dangerous. Contact Management: danagerecsmanagement@gmail.com


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