Optimal Prime


Optimal Prime is made up of two personas Hushcat & Multiman (Both cousins from Manchester UK) who have collaborated over the last three years to provide our listers with fresh new Drum & Bass music. We host a podcast show known as Dub Cutz which features new music across the spectrum of DnB including many of our own productions along the way. You may also find we do guest mixes for other shows or live events that get placed here too. Keep in touch with our own music as we place new tracks for you to check out here. There are many productions hidden in our mixes that you won't find elsewhere. We prefer Neuro, Liquid and Uplifting DnB and are generally quite open minded within the DnB Spectrum. Contact us if you'd like to forward any music for a future show, or whether you'd be interest in having us play live for your event. Hush Cat & Multiman E-Mail Address: OptimalPrimeUK@Gmail.com


2300 1469