Absys Records


Based in Dublin, Absys Records has been championing the deep, futuristic sounds of atmospheric drum & bass since its birth in 2008. Initially founded to showcase the sounds of a selection of lesser-known producers , Absys quickly built a reputation synonymous with quality through its series of free digital releases. The last three years have seen releases by such pioneering and diverse producers as Anile, Dissident / Kontext, Nuage, Hatti Vatti, Hidden Element, Joe Syntax, Mortem, Loxy & Resound, Naibu, Hatti Vatti, ASC, Es.tereo, Fre4knc, Gremlinz, Arp Xp, Mr Sizef, Radicall, Future Engineers, Lm1, Adi Sharma amongst many more, and have cemented Absys’ reputation amongst the upper echelons of experimental drum & bass and electronic music.


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